T Gopal, the enterprising entrepreneur

There are a few highly talented entrepreneurs among Badagas who have succeeded in their chosen fields. One such person, who is closely known to me is Gopal, son of Late Thatha Gowder – a police Officer, from Mel Bikkatti. He is the CEO of  RESURGENT  SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES. With his dedication and hardwork, he remains as a motivator to others.

‘Resurgent Software Technologies is one of the Resurgent group companies established in 1980’s having global presence. It has its headquarters located in Chennai, India.Few of the members and their collaborators are ‘numero uno’ in their respective field. Our activities include design, manufacturing, erection of power plant equipment and auxiliaries. Software is also one of the products. Initially the software’s were developed for in house application. Having successfully implemented and used, they have been commercialized.

Resurgent Software Technologies provides software services to Small and Medium sized Enterprises. Its enterprise solutions, with their unique software capability of rapid customization have proved to be very economical. The ERP and Remote power monitoring systems are key areas of focus’.

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