Badaga Hospitality

Bhuvaneshwari R‘ writes : ” I was very pleased to go through this article. I am myself a Badaga and very proud to be one with such unique and distinct features. I have been in northern and western India till my 10th and did my later education in Cordite Factory Higher Secondary School.
I was very pleased to meet so many Badaga people, especially friends, there. Badaga friends were more helpful compared to any. I had visited my friend’s houses and they treated me with so much hospitality. I know about 7 languages but badaga is the one I love the most.
The words I love the most in badaga are : ‘Habba’ and ‘Hatty’. I really miss my badaga friends. Thanks for the website through which I could express my views and thoughts and I am especially thankful to my parents for giving me birth in such a great culture “.
Thank  you Bhuvaneshwari for your email.Such letters are, always, a source of inspiration – Wg Cdr JP

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