Badaga Calendar

For the year 2011

1) Koodalu – From 10th Jan to 8th Feb

2) Aalaani – From 9th Feb to 10th Mar

3) Nallaani – From 11th Mar to 9th Apr

4) Aani – From 10th Apr to 9th May

5) Aadire – From 10th May to 9th Jun

6) Aadi – From 10th Jun to 9th Jul

7) Aavaani – From 10th Jul to 9th Aug

8 ) Perattaadhi – From 10th Aug to 9th Sep

9) Dhodda Devige – From 10th Sep to 9th Oct 9th Nov

10) Kiru Devige – from 10th Nov to 9th Dec

11) Thai – From 10th Nov to 9th Dec

12) Hemmatti – From 10th Dec to 9th Jan





I am aware that there is always a slip between the cup and the lip and some errors could have crept into this attempt. May I request all those interested to keep up our great traditions to write in their comments and suggestions so that improvements can be incorporated. Go to next page…


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