Hearty Congratulations !

Update :Sadly he was removed from the cabinet after a couple of months

To Honourable Minister of Tourism

Budhi Chandiran

(Manikkal, Manjoor)

for having been appointed as a minister in the New Tamilnadu Government!

Will the green tea leaves, on whom Badaga economy depends, get a better price?

Hope, the concrete jungles in the Nakku Betta Nilgiris will be turned into planned eco friendly green forests!


One response to “Hearty Congratulations !

  1. kumar bellie

    In the Nilgiri district, our community people life has become a question mark now.

    Now we have a big hope that the new CM can do something for us. Hopefully SRI HETHAI AMMAN SATHYA DHOGE, and Sri Budhi Chandran’s effort, Amma may do something for us. Badagas are now at almost edge of life and we donot have any alternate. Our district living cost seems to be very costly because of being a Tourist area.


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