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paul2.jpgProf: Paul Hockings has sent the following comments:

Am glad to say that my book “Ancient Hindu Refugees” will be out in a year or so in A MUCH REVISED AND EXPANDED EDITION. It presents new evidence for a move from Mysore villages in the late 16th century, and brings the story completely up to date. Several people have been enquiring about how many hattis there are: well, in our Dictionary of Badagu (1992) we already gave the complete list of 468 hattis divided between a number of u:ru. That has not changed, although some of those hattis were abandoned.


2 responses to “Comments from Prof.Paul Hockings

  1. Great to hear this news…. waiting eagerly for Mr. Paul Hockings’s revised edition of “Ancient Hindu Refugees”..!!! Thanks for sharing, Wg Cdr.JP!


  2. nice to have such a web site for badagas…..


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