Why Badagas wear silver – rings in pair?

A question from Suresh of Kalhatty who had obviously seen the page on Badaga Jewellery [Badaga Bangara]
has clean bowled me. His question is why do Badagas, always, wear silver rings in pairs. Does it have any special meaning?

I have heard elders telling ‘jodi (bellie) ungara ikku’ – wear (silver) rings in pair but never really found out the significance. Anyone who can through some light?


2 responses to “Why Badagas wear silver – rings in pair?

  1. ennae hutty hetha ethu.. sokku ka..


  2. gopalakrishnan.b

    I am also a badaga guy and I want to post a question..is there any sastra for wearing the belli ungara?


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