Badaga Months in this nice dance number

Badagas had [have] their own calendar based , probably on lunar observations.  Being involved in farming [agriculture] totally, their activities were centered around this unique calendar. I have given more details here.

Click on the link below to hear all the Badaga months being mentioned in this foot tapping dance number. Great lyrics and great music !

Badaga Days1. Sovara – Monday 2. Mangavara – Tuesday 3. Bodhavara – Wednesday 4. Chikkavara – Thursday 5. Belli – Friday 6. Sani – Saturday 7. Aadhivara – Sunday

Badaga Months It is said that Badaga month starts on every 10th of the English month. Like for example Koodalu month starts on 10th January.

1. Koodalu (Jan) 2. Aalaani (Feb) 3. Nallaani (Mar) 

4. Aani ( Apr) 5. Aadire (May) 6.Aadi (Peraadi) (Jun) 

7.Aavaani (Jul) 8.Perattadi (Aug) 9. Dodda Deevige (Sep) 

10. Kiru Deevige (Oct) 11. Thai (Nov) 12. Hemmaatti (Dec)

Badaga Dance Song Kappu Huttileyu


You can also see details about Badaga Calendar here or here


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