“Bravo, Rajamma of Kethorai”

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D.SENDHIL VIGNESHWAR   said on 11/08/2012

Hello maam/maa… I am proud to be your student.. the days when I was put up in a school where no one ever knows my language all I found was Hindi Hindi and Hindi.. You came IN to save me and help me.. now I stand still with my head held high, in MUMBAI.. managing with the Hindi that you first taught me..Proud to be your student maam

and Rajamma, who has made all of us proud replies :

Dear JP,

Nice to read your reply and the comment posted by my student. Teaching is not my job , it is my passion. 32 years in the same line, handled thousands of students. As an inspiring teacher, filled with empathy towards the underprivileged and the so called back benchers, I had stolen their hearts. I hold my head high and make my students too. Senthil is a sample.

All these years, never I have called any student nalayak/stupid/ incapable/ idiot… and on adjectives used towards slow learners.Never will I call also. It is nothing but empathy…IN God’s creation every child is unique , original and has some talent or the other.
It is the duty of the teacher to identify it and groom the child. ” A child’s mind is not a vessel to be filled,It is a lamp to be ignited.” Each child is master piece and the Master’s piece. I respect them and love them irrespective of their background, caste, creed and capability.  Jai Ho. 
With regards,

Photo from the Hindu

Rajamma, your reply makes us “DOUBLY PROUD OF YOU. BRAVO” – Wg Cdr JP


2 responses to ““Bravo, Rajamma of Kethorai”

  1. Kethorai Rajma

    Dear Devasenaji,
    My humble greetings.Thank you for your good words. What I have achieved as a simple human being and an inspiring Teacher is not even equal a sand particle in the ocean. There are so many great people in this nation who do great things.
    Anyway thank you once again. You had never mentioned anything about your goodself.

    Kethorai Rajma


  2. M. Devasena

    Dear sister Rajamma, We came to know something about you through some of our friends from Denalai and Kethorai village. But only on visiting this site, we came to know much about your braveness and popularity among our Badaga community.At the outset , we would like to congratulate you for having been selected for Dr. Radhakirishnan award for best teacher.


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