Jens Zickgraf from Germany – Research On Badagas

Dear JP,
This article – an English description of our research project maybe of interest for you.
Best regards
Jens Zickgraf, M.A.
Jens Zickgraf
“Market, Community and Money in India : Conversations and Monetary Circuits among South Indian Badagas”

Abstract; The project investigates the economy of the Badagas, a modern peasant community living in the Nilgir-Highlands of South India. Owing to the “cultural economics”  of  Stephen Gudeman (1986,1990,2001) and other recent developments in economic anthropology, the project enquires into the “dialectics of market and community” to explore the dynamic construction of “local models “- and how they interact with larger economic and social developments. Thereby both the local tea industry which is mainly born by the Badagas Community and the corresponding “socio-financial landscapes” constitute  focal points of our empirical research.


Click on the pix to read the article in German

[Click here to read the article in English – Wg Cdr JP]


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