Badaga – leaderless and ruddderless??

A visitor to this site writes :

I wanted to ask you regarding the various scripts that are being developed for Badaga language. What is the relevance and which one is the right one ?  Who is the one who says this or that is right ? 

… so what is your thought on this. How are we going to learn it ? 
This has been bothering me the last few days. If you find some time, please clarify.

Well, Sumathi’s sentiments are expressed by many. Who really decides what is relevant or the right Badaga Script. Frankly speaking, I do not know.

The curse with our community is that while we boost of so many good people trying to do something for the society, there are equal numbers to disagree or disregard each and everything. There are so many self appointed ‘Gowdas/Leaders’ and associations who claim to represent all Badagas. The truth is, after Rao Bahadur Ari Gowda, there is not a single leader who can really ‘lead’  the complete community. Sad but true.

We keep hearing about the four  ‘Seemay’ Gowdas but it appears that their influence is confined to their own seemay or group. We hear about the Nakku Betta Gowda, but we do not really know his exact status and his views about the community.

Rao Bahadur Bellie Gowda and his son Ari Gowda were considered to be ‘the uncrowned kings of the Nilgiris – Nakku Betta Raja’ during their life time because of their service to the community and others.

There is supposed to be a federation of Badagas representing many associations spread around the country but these elected representatives are not acceptable to ‘some’ politically’ connected individuals who are not willing to ‘leave’ their ‘posts’. The less said about these individuals, the better.

Coming to the Badaga Script….while I welcome an easily understandable script, the million dollar question is, “what is easily understandable?’

The disturbing news is that a group based at Coimbatore is focused on promoting one particular script and discouraging others from developing better alternatives.

See below the post about Badaga in English Script and about Badaga Barae – Script here

More to follow soon….


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