Deepak from Nanjanaadu writes …

Deepak from Nanjanaadu

Sir, I used to mail you 4 to 5 years back. My father is in Army[Subedar Major].I wanted to ask you is there any translation of the book – “History of Hethey Amman“, either in English or if possible in Hindi.

Then sir, I am really happy to see your interest towards our community.Really it  feels good to see such an interest and effort.Hope this effort will try to reveal the feelings that we teens have towards our community. Visiting the site after so many years it feels as if it is your obsession.Please don’t let this obsession get dormant.We youngsters actually need someone to tell our identity and tell us who we are.

Hello Deepak, I am very glad and feel thrilled to see your email. Unfortunately, there is no translation of the booklet on Hethey in English or Hindi.

I feel extremely happy that this website and its contents make youngsters like you to learn about us, ‘tell our identity and tell us who we are‘ as you have beautifully put it. As I keep repeating, ‘there is plenty to learn and know about ‘Badagas, the beautiful people of the Blue Mountains‘.

My motivation to keep going with this website is due to the encouraging words like yours. Thank you very much. – Wg Cdr JP


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