When I coined the slogan “Proud to be a Badaga”, I was acutely aware of the fact that there are many factors on which we should be ashamed of as well.

One such is the disunity (or rather the lack of interest to be united and) show the world that ALL BADAGAS SHARE COMMON VALUES & SPEAK IN ONE VOICE when it comes to many common issues.

Unfortunately, what our ancestors advised and hoped ‘Uri Hogi, Siri Barali – Let jealousy vanish and happiness prevail’ has not come true.

One such area where urgent action required is to have a ‘SUPREME BODY/ASSOCIATION’ representing but elected in a democratic way by all Badagas.

The recent reports in the news papers about the ‘heated arguments for election and possession’ of YBA – Young Badagas Association’ at Ooty. From what one gathers from various sources is that an ex-MLA  is refusing to ‘vacate’ his chair and not letting any fresh air to flow in. One wonders why this ex-MLA connected with a particular political party, is in a perpetual denial mode for fair and free elections that may help in the upliftment of the community, is a mystery.

The Hindu [ 24th May 2013]

The face-off between two groups over custody of the premises of the Young Badagas Association (YBA) here took an ugly turn on Thursday with members on either side breaking open locks put up by each other on the office door. It was followed by complaints being lodged against each other.

In order to prevent untoward incidents, a police team headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police G.S. Anita moved in.

YBADinamalar (24-5-2013)

Or, is money, power or fear of exposure that is holding back a CHANGE. Let not a miniscule of ‘self – interested’ men make us feel ASHAMED.

May I appeal, in the interest of all, to stand united and be PROUD of being Badagas – Indians.


One response to “Ashamed…..

  1. mlle_sumathi

    Share the same sentiments.It is very disheartening to see Badagas in the news for all the wrong reasons.


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