K.R.Arjunan [photo from Dinamalar]

Ketti R Arjunan has been selected by the Tamil Nadu ruling party AIADMK  to be one of the candidates for the Rajya Sabha.

Will he be the First Badaga to become a M.P (Rajya Sabha)?

Congratulations to Arjunan.


7 responses to “Congratulations

  1. Congratulations Arjun sir! We are proud of you. Thank you JP sir for sharing this news!


  2. suresh kumar

    its great


  3. I think the first Badaga MP is Master Madan (BJP) in year 2000.

    Master Mathan was a MP of Lok Sabha and he was not the Fisrt badaga. Arjunan will be the FIRST MP of Rajya Sabha – Wg Cdr JP



    He is kind gentle man who helps people in many ways. This is a good chance to our community to get some more needs/help from central government and develop our community.I wish Mr Arjunan best wishes


  5. He is a very good man and public service minded. I also congratulate Mr.K.R.Arjunan.


  6. congrats .sir ..


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