Congrats Vidya Vivek

Vidya Vivek writes :

I am a self-taught artist. Recently I had a concept in mind and for that I wanted authentic pictures of Baduga women in traditional jewellery. Your website came handy and I made my painting. I thank you and look up to you for all that you do for our community. …
I have attached my painting (RadhaKrishna in our traditional attire) along with this mail.
Badaga Painting 1

Painting by Vidya Vivek

Hello Vidya, Thank you very much for your email. I have seen your FB page as well as your website and must say that your paintings are very impressive. Painting being my hobby, though I have not done many in the recent past, I can understand the passion and pride in being a painter.

Wishing you the very best.

Wg.Cdr. JP


5 responses to “Congrats Vidya Vivek

  1. mlle_sumathi

    Beautiful ! Wish you good luck for the rest of your paintings.


  2. Congrats Vidya, Happy to have my portrait made by you.. Way to go girl, All the good luck for your endeavours.


  3. Congrats Vidya. Nice painting. It carries a strange serenity which cannot be expressed through words. Something different. No one would have ever imagined, till date, Radha&krishna in Badaga attire.A new attempt. Keep it up.! Kethorai Rajma


  4. Vidya really a good one.


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