Hethe Habba


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is on the

23rd December, 2013 [Monday]

Dec 13

HETHAI HABBA’ is the biggest festival of Badagas!

Hethe Habba is always on the first MONDAY (SOVARA), the most sacred day for Badagas, after the full moon (paurnami – HUNNAWAY ) that falls in Badaga Hemmatti month, (Tamil – Margazhi month), that is the 9th day after eight days of ‘Kolu’. This year [2013] the Hethe Habba was celebrated on 8 Jan 2007 will be celebrated on 27 Dec 2010   will be celebrated on 31 Dec 2012 23 Dec 2013.

Hethe Amma, the purest one, in your blessings lie our well being !
Madekke mannoondha aaleyu, adhu thirigi mannoo aagha
[Even though a pot has been made out of clay, it cannot become clay again]
Thuppa benne endha aaleyu, adhu thirigi benne aagha
[Clarified butter (nei in Tamil), though made out of butter, cannot become butter again]
Jenu hoo endha aaleyu, adhu thirigi hoo aagha,
[Honey, that comes from flowers, cannot become flowers again]
Holladha vakka Hethe Mane ga hodha maele, thirigi holladhavakka aagharu
[After going to Hethai Temple, ‘bad’ people cannot remain bad]

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