From the heart on Nanjanadu

KUMAR BELLIE [email id not made public] writes from his heart ;

Very sad to hear this news [of what happened  in Nanjanadu] in Badaga History. Go to other Badaga villages – there is big improvement. Unfortunately, Nanjanadu is still backward.

These prople do not want to comeup from their level.We do not have time to think. Everybody need money, money and money for the present. Those who are fighting in Nanjanadu like animals are not REAL BADAGAS.I want to appeal to them seriously. As per Court Orders, [Ooty] Mariamman temple poojari can advise them how to perform pooja. so, the [hatti] people are ready to listen to an ‘outsider’ but not ready to listen and come to an understanding with others in the village who have been living there for decades.

There was a time when Badagas would form groups to fight. But nowadays, there is no time to think even about our own lives.But, to perform pooja and for that to fight and kill is very shameful.When will these people grow up? They do not want to listen to any advice given by anybody. There are some 20 odd uneducated people behaving like goondas.For their illegal activities inside the village, nobody can ask them. If anybody does, he is attacked.

These 20 odd people must be strictly handled and made aware of what is life. And then, rest will come/take their way. I am so sad about the killing of the two who were like my brothers. May their souls rest in peace.I am ashamed to say that I am a Badaga after this incident [of killing]. But, I pray sincerely. People of Nanjanadu, please come up; life is different. Show you are all united. I worry about all those ‘minority’ people who have not returned back to theie homes. Understand and act accordingly.

I again request the people [to shun violence] ; what ever has happened , has happened. Let us ensure that nothing [ of this nature] will happen in future. In the world map, Badaga is a very small community but we have very appreciable [traditions and] habbits that should not be destroyed. Is there anybody who can make the Nanjanadu people aware about where the Badaga life is leading by this sort of incidents??

Wg Cdr JP adds :-

Part of judgement of the Honourable High Court of Madras dated 29.06.2011 in A.S.No.1268 of 2003 reads:

[para] 21.During the year 1987, the temple….was constructed by the entire village by contributing money, men power and by getting contribution from the public of entire Nilgiris District….Temple kumbabiskam was performed on 11.11.1987 by the general public of Nanjanadu village and persons have been appointed to perform poojas at the temple one from [each] side..During 1988..the Plaintiffs along with ‘A’ party people created problems and made the temple to be closed for nearly 7 to 8 years. During this period, Panchayats have been held and in every Panchyat having agreed and accepted to perform poojas by representatives of both parties and signed the memorandum of agreements, the Plaintiffs have gone back from the agreement and created problems because of the only reason that they have men and money power.

[para]133.Finally the two party people have the right to perform poojas …daily in the morning ..and in the evening.


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