Appeal and advice to the people of Nanjanadu

By this time, probably, most of us have heard about the sad and shocking incidents that happened at Nanjanadu Village, the biggest Badaga hatti.

About a month back, on 15/16 Feb 2014 to be specific,  in a factional fight, two persons belonging to one group were brutally killed. In retaliation, the other group indulged in arson and set many houses of the minority group on fire and indulged in looting. As a result the minority group [of about 100 houses, out of the total 1000 odd houses in Nanjanadu], in fear for the safety of person and property, have abandoned their houses and fled from the hatti and yet to return to their homes and hearth.

To maintain law and order, the police have arrested, persons belonging to both the groups and have put them in prison. Some of these persons arrested, we understand, are not directly involved in the incidents but volunteered to be arrested. They are yet be granted bail.

The reason and trigger for these killings, arson and looting is, believe it or not, who should perform PUJA in the Shiva temple [see the pix].


The sad truth is that both the groups are very closely related. The shock is that they have gone to the extreme extent of killing and looting. Unheard of traits that are never associated with the peace loving, ever hospitable Badagas.

In a laudable effort, the Nelikolu Trust has taken a great initiative and formed a Peace Committee consisting of many prominent Badagas with the sole purpose of not only uniting people of Nanjanadu and bringing peace and harmony but also to ensure that ‘the cancer of mistrust and jealousy’ is cut off once and for all among Badagas in the long term.

We hope and pray that the initiatives and efforts of Dr.Haldorai, Advocate R.Sivakumar  of Nelikolu Trust with the able advice and assistance of Dr.Sundaradevan, IAS, Thangadu Mohan and Annikorai A.M.Joghee Gowder (Retd -Headmaster) and other members of the peace committee will bring PEACE not only in Nanjanadu but in other Badaga Hattis as well.

In this crucial juncture, we appeal to the people of Nanjanadu belonging to both the factions to fully cooperate with this Peace Committee. We are aware that a few rogue elements among you have been holding the entire hatti to ransom. May be a couple of ‘outsiders’ are interfering by giving ill advice.

But BEWARE, criminal offences like murder, arson and looting cannot be justified in the name of mob mentality and sooner or later the long arm of law will catch up.

May Hethe give us the strength to step forward!


Nanjanadu hatti came into existence with about 30 houses more than five/six hundred years ago. As rightly pointed out by Dr.Haldorai, a well respected Badaga historian who has done extensive research and published many books on and of Badagas [some of his books have been awarded prizes and in recognition, the Government has recommended his books to be available in all Libraries], Nanjanadu is named so as there were plenty of nanju mullu – small plant with thorns, Badaga Hattis [villages] are named after a prominent geographical feature in the vicinity like Bikkatti – a hatti with plenty of Bikka [olive] trees or Araihatti – a village full of rocks etc.

Over a period, like in every hatti, a few Nattaru also settled in Nanjanadu. A natta is generally a person belonging to a different hatti who can marry from the hatti in which he settles down due to various reasons, like in the case of Nanjanadu where the ‘settled’ nattaru are from Porthi Village. By the way, a natta is very respected person. One of the proverbs – Dhoddaru Shloka – of Badagas, says ” Natta elladey hatti ketta, gaasu/avarai elladha udhakka ketta – like a hatti that is ‘bad’ without a Natta, a ‘curry’ is bad without potato/beans.

As it happens in most of the cases, many nattaru marry from the  village they have settled in and they are part and parcel of all the ceremonies, functions and festivals of the village and pay the same ‘Gudi /hatti Vari’ – temple/village tax that is unique to Badagas. Only in one of the funeral rites in the event of a death, they do not carry out ‘Akki Eththodhu’.

Earlier posts

Wg Cdr JP :- Just heard the sad news that two persons have died in the clashes between two groups of BADAGAS at Nanjanadu Village over conducting Puja at the temple. Real shame !!

Enemies of Badagas are Badagas themselves.

Oh, God, they can kill in the name of GOD. Can there be anything more painful ?

Are we still proud to be Badagas??

I wrote earlier :-

An appeal to the people of Nanjanadu Hatti [24-10-2013]

Nanjanadu hatti, probably, is the biggest hatti of Badagas. More than a thousand houses.


I visited this hatti a couple of days back to attend the funeral of a close relative. What shocked me is the fact that there are two factions in this hatti and one faction does not attend the functions of another.

It appears that the deep division among families, the fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters took place due to a dispute  about the SHIVA temple which is located at the very entrance of the village.

We have always believed that FAITH in the ALMIGHTY unites the people. How can GOD be the reason for division?

How can the people of this great hatti let such a thing happen and seek justice in the higher courts of Justice when, with a simple act of give and take, the issue can be resolved within minutes?

Is it not high time that the educated youngsters of Nanjanadu take the initiative to bring back harmony to this beautiful place?

A few days back, I had published a new post “… finding the 18th camel (see below)” in which I had highlighted the need to find a ‘common ground’. Can we NOT find the common ground right in front of the SHIVA Temple which remains locked?

You, the people of Nanjadu Hatti, will you listen to this appeal to unite?

Will you invite the people of Nakkubetta to a grand function of unification very soon??


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  1. good advise…….


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