Badaga hospitality

Dr.Rajkumar Krishnan writes from UK

United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) recently declared that “Badagas of Nilgiris hospitality is the best” and conferred on our community the “global” honour. Hospitality is ingrained in the Badaga community.

The people of Nilgiris thank UNESCO for honouring Badagas.

[from a letter from B. Bellukutty, The Nilgiris in the Hindu, issue dated, Jul 06, 2009]

The Badaga Hospitality is legendary. You walk into any Badaga Village as a total stranger, but you can be sure to be offered ‘Coffee/Tea’ by not one but many of the villagers.

Here is a ballad called ‘UNIGE MADA’ on the hospitality and love shown by Kinnakorai Joghee to a Kuruma called Mada from

Folktales of India

By Brenda E. F. Beck



2 responses to “Badaga hospitality

  1. Badaganadu Brahmins’mothertongue was tamil. But here in Karnataka it is Kannada. I want to know much about language.

    We, the Badagas, are the natives of the Nilgiris in Tamilnadu and speak Badaga and notTamil.

    Though there is a place called Badaganadu in Karnataka, the people living there are not known as Badagas. – Wing Commander JP


  2. Suneep (Kinnakorai now in Dubai)

    This is my first visit. I am proud to be a Badaga. I haven’t seen any culture like Badaga. Good culture, people, humanity, festival and helping tendency. I love my Grandpa (J.K.Palani Gowder who passed away) and miss my grandma. I gained a lot and missed a lot in life. If you like to share friendship, call +971558690423 or send email to Dear Bellie iyya thanks a lot for this website and thank God for the opportunity to see this site.


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