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Anon (?) has sent the following link of a matrimonial portal where you can see some ‘nice’ Badaga girls with their personal particulars. Come on eligible Baddu boys, what are you waiting for ?

India Proud to be an Indian : Proud to be a Badaga


ASHA writes : when I saw this site I was really surprised. Appara santhoshava adathae , ithava onthu arputhavana language ga script ila yenthu nenachuvanae kashtava attuthu but now I am very confident that we will have our own scripts within a short period. Am ready to do my best for your organisation. Am very honored to say this “U GUYZ SIMPLY ROCK” and of course we will rock. Keep going………. BEST WISHES.

Thank you Asha, though I have mentioned it many times, let me repeat it again. THIS WEBSITE IS AN ONE MAN EFFORT. But I am humbled to see such praise being showered. As far as how you can help out – here is a simple thought. I have seen many parents [including me,I  have a son and daughter of marriageable age] to find suitable matches. Though there are a lot of nice looking, educated and eligible brides and grooms, somehow, it does not result in marriages. Since I am of the strong view that for Badaga culture and traditions to survive, Badagas should marry among themselves. Why there is such a low response to my offer of hosting FREE matrimonial alliances is a mystery to me. May be people like you can tell me the real apprehensions. Another way you can help out is by creating awareness about the book on Badagas by Balasubramaniam which has high lighted our community in a highly positive note. Thanks once again – Wg Cdr JP
Asha replies :
Your view about survival of our culture is true.There is nothing to worry regarding low response for your free matrimonial alliances because many of us think that our parents should choose our life partner and only some of our parents are aware of this matrimonial service. But am sure the days will change and this matrimonial service will reach everyone. As you said that THIS WEBSITE IS AN ONE MAN EFFORT, I salute your effort. I promise  that from today I am starting my work to create awareness about those books and I hope for the best
‘Paamé’ – a book on the Badagas by Bala is available at Higginbothams Ooty,Chennai and Coimbatore and also at Oxford book house, Coimbatore.

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  1. I am very happy and proud that a book has been publishsed about badagas and i beleve that this may bring a bright future for our badaga community. Proud to be a badaga


  2. You are doing a wonderful service to our community single handedly. Everytime I visit the site, I used to wonder how is this possible. It would be interesting to know what has come from IP : ( you can send the contents to me seperately) and such unwanted weeds in the society have to be drubbed as Zilch.

    Please continue your service .. Many Badaga hearts and souls are out to pep you up. Please brush this aside march on..

    JP adds : Thank you Nagula, it is due to friends like you, that I get the positive energy and enthusiasm to continue. Thanks once again


  3. I suggest guys to approach Strand Book shop in the Manipal Cetre in Bangalore to buy “PAAME” . My experience with Gangarams was horrible. They shamelessly said they have misplaced the copies and I have blasted them.


  4. mlle_sumathi

    It is like honey to the ears the sweet fact that a book on Badagas has been released by a Badaga.
    BRAVO ! to Bala uncle. I am impatient to get my hands on this book .
    I would like a book a copy of this book. Please let me know to where to buy this book in Bangalore.

    I read this pleasant news on the same day …when after 2 years , there’s is a badaga colleague in my workplace and it is difficult to express in words the feeling one goes through while meeting a badaga especially when away from home .

    Hi Sumathi, you have always been a great motivator and have inspired me to add more to this site by giving me books on Badagas. It is my duty to present a copy of “PAAME” to you. Once I get back to Bangalore, I will send you a copy. Meanwhile, the book is available in Bangalore at M.G.Road book shops like – Higenbothems, Gangarams etc


  5. Great to hear a book written by one of our fellow badaga scholar/researcher. Hats off to Bala Uncle. Dying to get my hands on this book. Can you kindly give details about any shops selling the book online;if not can some arrangements be made through

    Hello Raj, I am tying up with the author of “PAAME” to explore the possibilities of making it available to friends like you -JP


  6. ‘I saw your blog just now.. good work.. I must appreciate that’


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