VOTE even if it is NOTA

April 24th. Parliament Elections in Tamil Nadu.

People do not vote due to a couple of reasons. Mainly,

# They are apolitical and do not like any political party.
# They do not like anyone of the candidates in their constituency.

In the olden days, when we are far away from home, like in my case [as being in the Indian Air Force], we had no choice and the so called postal votes never reached us.

Now, in 2014, for the first time in the history of democratic India, the Election Commission has given us a choice, even when we have no choice. Confused?

That choice is called NOTA. None Of The Above. As it comes at the end, as a last button in the Electronic Voting Machine, after all the names of candidates, it means I DO NOT WANT TO VOTE FOR ANYONE OF THE ABOVE candidates.

But this NOTA sends a powerful message. Over a period of time, this can open the doors to making the political parties to choose the right candidate.

In 2014, in our mountain district, Nakkubetta, Nilgiris, I am going to opt for NOTA.

I would have voted for MODI [indirectly through a BJP candidate] but that party’s candidate just ‘vanished’- [when is the party going to order a proper enquiry in to this betrayal??]

So, my request to all, please move your bottoms and take the trouble of VOTING. VOTING IS A MUST. Even if it is NOTA.



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