Update: 17-05-14

The General Election results have been announced : Indeed there was a sunaMO – TsunaMO ?- and Narendra Modi has indeed, single handedly, swept the elections in BJP and NDA favour.

Latest : BJP – 282  NDA – 336

It is 10.59a.m. 16-05-14

Let us leave the NakkuBetta and take a ‘trip’ around this great country called India for a change.

Election trends and results are coming out thick and fast.
As I was hoping, there is a sunami or, rather,

sunaMO, – a sunami in favour of MODI.

In him we will have a great PM. Yes, NM will be PM very soon. For a change, we have voted the right man in.

I predict BJP to get 275 and NDA – 330.

Let us see.


One response to “sunaMO

  1. Sivakumar.B, Muckimalai

    “Yeh dil maange more,”


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