Nilgiri Heritage and History Tour

best-kallatty.JPGOoty- Mysore Kallatty Road

Nilgiri Heritage and History  Tour

Dharmalingam Venugopal, Director of Nilgiri Documentation Centre, writes : ‘the Nilgiris is not just famous for its salubrious weather and greenery; it has a significant role in the modern history of the Madras Presidency and India and all that have been well recorded over the last two centuries’. nhethaiwithgova.jpgMrs.Nanji Bellie Gowder, a Badaga lady with a British Lady at Hubbathalai (pix taken around 1920)

Nilgiri Documentation Centre will organize for the first time specialised Nilgiri Heritage and History Tours during May to cater to the demands of the informed visitors to the Nilgiris. The one day tour beginning from Kannerimukku village in Kotagiri, where the story of modern Nilgiris began in 1819, will cover the major heritage and historical landmarks of  Nilgiris in Kotagiri, Ooty and Coonoor.

Coonoor Railway Station-1927Coonoor Railway Station then and now

11Coonoor RS wm

The tour will start with a lecture in the Nilgiri History Museum. Participants can join at Kotagiri or Ooty. The tour group will consist of not more than 20 participants. VenugopalFor details contact or 9444365360.


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