Shiva’s abode at Ebbanadu – the rising land!

Dharmalingam Venugopal

Lord Shiva possesses several enchanting abodes on hill tops across the country.

He ought to be particularly delighted at the one atop the Birumokke Bettu ( flung out +landmark+ mountain) 1919 metre  tall 11.5 km NNE of Ooty in the village of Ebbanad (rising+tract of land). 4th Jan 2015 was the annual festival to propitiate the mighty lord of the mountains.

From atop the peak one can get a 360 degree view of the eastern and north eastern slopes of the Nilgiris including the magnificent Moyar valley and the Mysore plateau beyond. I have captured a few of the images of the festival. [Click the pic for enlargement]

DSC05360 (2)DSC05362 (2)DSC05364 (2)DSC05372 (2)DSC05383 (2)DSC05388 (2)


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