Centenary of A. Dharmalingam

Remembering with respect on this Centenary Day



There have been many Badagas whose lives have been very inspiring. Late Mr.A.Dharmalingam,  the First Badaga Journalist,  was not only a respected journalist but a great human being. Though, I did not have the honour of knowing him,  have heard enough about his interactions with Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder and other leaders of the Nilgiris when the problems of all types would be discussed threadbare.

It gives me great pleasure on behalf of http://www.badaga.co and others, to wish his son Venugopal, who is organizing the birth centenary celebrations on 11 Jan 2016, all success. – Wg Cdr JP







2 responses to “Centenary of A. Dharmalingam

  1. Dharmalingam Venugopal

    Would like to know if Mr. Raman has any remembrances or incidents to recall. Thanks


  2. Ayya Dharmalingam was a great man, met in my life.


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