The ‘HARD’ fact

The Nigiris, the famous tourist hill station, known as ‘Naakku Betta’ to the native Badagas, is indeed a Nature’s gift and  piece of Paradise on earth.

Unfortunately, the district does not offer many if not any job opportunities to the increasingly aspiring and educated youth. They have to go down to the plains like Coimbatore, Tirupur etc. And, in the bargain, many Badagas have relocated to the plains on a permanent basis.

Another unfortunate fallout is, with the falling price for unprocessed [green leaf] tea, Badagas have been selling their tea estates [‘Thotta’ to them], usually small holdings of a couple of acres as a sort of distress sale. The outsiders mainly from big cities are always willing to grab a piece of ‘Paradise’ as their holiday vacation destination.

Added to the misery is the exploitation by the ‘middle men’ who literally make a ‘killing’ in both selling of plots/houses in the plains for huge prices or buying the land [small tea estates] for a song.

Over a period of time and after a lot of discussions, I have identified VEDA PROPERTIES, owned by a Badaga, to be one of the transparent and reliable concerns who can offer very good services. They have tied up with many reputed property developers.

Veda Properties can help in buying/selling plots and built houses both in the Nilgiris and in Coimbatore districts including the much sought after destinations like Veerapandi, Peria Nayakkan Palayam, Vada Madurai, Thidialur etc

What is more, Veda Properties have agreed to offer special discounts to the readers of our website

If interested in special discounts please contact This is a FREE service for a fair deal and an initiative to prevent exploitation.


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