Sai Pallavi will be the FIRST BADAGA SUPER STAR?

We had written about her when she made it to the final rounds of a ‘dance talent show’ in a Tamil TV channel. Her talent was there for all to see. We are talking about Sai Pallavi, a Badaga from Kotagiri.

photo :

May be, I am a little out of step with the latest ‘happenings’ as I am not very active in social media like Facebook and Twitter. Hence, may have missed out the news about the acting debut of Sai Pallavi in the Malayalam movie “Premam” as the female lead role of ‘Malar’.

While on a casual vist to ‘youtube’ looking for the latest on Badaga Dance and Song video clips, Sai Pallavi’s interview was flashed as a ‘recommended to you’.

Happy to see that Wikipedia notes that ‘ She was born into a Badaga family settled in Kotagiri, near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She grew up with her parents mostly in Coimbatore. Her parents are Radha Kannan and Senthamara Kannan. She has a sister Puja Kannan. Her Mother Tongue is Badaga.’

Sai Pallavi is doing her medical studies in Tiblisi, in Georgia. She is acting as Anjali in the forth coming movie ‘Kali”.

Seeing the rave reviews she is getting and appreciative comments about her in YouTube interview, there is no doubt that she is a future SUPER STAR.

Proud of her being a Badaga. Our best wishes to her.


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