Is our Moray system outdated?

A young Badaga, calling herself  Shalini Sudhakar, has raised a serious question about our MORAY system. Unfortunately, her following comments in sms language with a fake email id – are not very clear. I was not able to contact her(?) for more info.
Thnk u for all ua info sir.. I just want to know one thing that why should we marry only with
morai.When they are going to cancel all this morai.? If possible just break it soon Please.. Just take some actions about morai as soon as possible. Please i humbly request you to break these useless rules nd help them… Not only me.. Many people in our community facing problems with morai So just break it nd make our yonger generation feel free.. By bein in same village nd with in those surrounding village oly many of thm falling in love because they oly roaming with in those villages.. Thn far knwin tht thy dont have morai thy endin up with breakup.. by family situation they ll marry anothr nd ll end up with divorce like me.. Many facin this prblms.. Dont make other girl/boy to lose their lyf fa love.. Please help them.. Just ban this morai system..
Nonetheless, I feel that our Moray system needs an urgent look in.
But, then, where do we start??
I will elaborate on this soon.

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