Gratefully remembering my teacher

Recently, came across the following news item published in the Deccan Chronicle dt 27-07-2016.

OOTY: While a grateful nation is preparing itself to pay homage to “People’s President” A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, on his first death anniversary on Wednesday, here in the hills M.N.Bojan, a Badaga octogenarian, former President’s college and hostel mate at St.Josephs’ College in early 1950s, remembers how Kalam relished “Thupathittu or Yennaiittu” a traditional sweet of the Badagas of Nilgiris and how they enjoyed outings for coffee and chips in Tiruchy.

A retired teacher now, .Bojan (85), hailing from Kadanadu near here, is preparing for a `puja’ on Wednesday at his home to pay homage to his friend.

I was quite excited to see my teacher Kadanaadu Bhoja Bhaathiyaaru in the picture. He taught us English and couple of other subjects at Rao Bahadur Board High School, Hubbathalai in early 1960s.

Hope to meet him and pay my grateful respects in person! – Wg Cdr JP

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