A great Indian, a great Badaga !

Ari Gowder2

HB Ari Gowda

You did so much for the family and community!

on this 122nd birth anniversary

Remembering with respect and reverence !


One response to “A great Indian, a great Badaga !

  1. Dear Anna,
    Thank you for remembering our Great Leader on his birth day and let us all pray and wish his dreams to fulfill in future for the development of our community. Regards – Hubbathalai N Sivan

    Dear Siva, Thank you very much. When the history of Badagas is written, Hubbathalai Hatti will definitely find a prominent place for the great leaders like HJ Bellie Gowda, HB Ari Gowda and of course you, since you are doing so much for the Badagas through initiatives to help out the small tea growers etc – JP Anna


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