A Shame and Challenge to Badagas

A Shame and Challenge to Badagas !

 This year is the 200th year of modern Nilgiris. The idea was proposed my  me (a Badaga). The administration has magnanimously accepted the idea and dedicated this Summer Festival to Bicentenary Celebrations.

A number of Committees have been formed to conduct the festival. The Badagas have been given due representation. I was also offered a membership but I had to excuse myself for some reasons.

Mr. T.Gundan (a Badaga) has been put in the Bicentenary Committee. It is indeed a due recognition of the contribution of  the  Badagas to the Nilgiris.

At the same time, I made a proposal to the YBA to conduct a 10-Day Badaga Summer Festival to showcase our history, culture, hospitality, products, talents and entertainments  in which thousands of our women, children and aged people could participate.

Because May is a lean month for marriages, the YBA Hall could be made easily available for the festival which can make every Badaga proud.

But the proposal has been rejected.  Mr. Gundan should be very much aware of this.

When we are so particular about our personal ego, publicity and name , should we not care a bit at least for the name and fame of our community and the happiness of our people?

How can these Badagas bask in the glory of  being  in the official committees and deny  our own people an opportunity to participate in the festival.

This is outright hypocrisy and betrayal of the Badagas.

Badagas have no shortage of  talent, goodwill and funds. It will be a permanent shame if the Badagas fail to make their presence felt during this Summer Festival.

How many Badaga  youth, men and women will take up this challenge? I offer my cooperation and good wishes.

Dharmalingam Venugopal (9444365360)

Kannerimukku Village


One response to “A Shame and Challenge to Badagas

  1. Dharmalingam Venugopal

    There is always a silver lining……Good sense and Goodwill has prevailed …….May 15th will be celebrated in YBA in a grand manner to coincide with the Badaga Day 2018…….await details and be prepared to participate actively


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