Proud of you, Sabitha Bojan

For the Badaga community to preserve its cultural heritage, a large share of credit should be given to its women folk. Though, like any other community in our country, enough importance has not been accorded to the hard working Badaga women, it will not be out of place to say that inspite of hurdles and hardships, some of the Badaga ladies have broken out of the shackles and achieved a lot in many fields.

Sabitha Bojan, (Head – P&D – TN, at SMART Training Resources), is one such highly talented lady. Her poems, mainly in Tamil, are a treat to read (in FB). Recently her book “Neelamalai Pookari...” was released at Coimbatore by the Tamil Nadu minister.

Sabitha, we are proud of you!


One response to “Proud of you, Sabitha Bojan

  1. Nidhya joghee

    Where can we buy this book neelamalai pookari?


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