Ailing Nilgiris Small Tea Growers

 Hubbathalai N SIVAN, Founder President of NSFT writes to Tea Board

We, the ailing Nilgiris Small Tea Growers, submit this letter for kind consideration and necessary actions immediately.

As you are aware, The Nilgiris District has been under severe Drought since November, 2018 due to heavy frost till February, 2019 and extended Summer till July, 2019 without normal monsoons and rainfall. The entire standing Tea Crops had completely dried up and affected by many diseases, particularly, the red mite attacks. Around 40000 acres of tea gardens of Nilgiris Small Tea Growers had crop loss around 35-40% during this period.
More over, the recent Ghost Rains of August, 2019  measuring approximately 3000mm+ (three years total rainfall of Nilgiris-rained I  one week) had completely taken fertile soils of small farmers’ tea gardens from their fields, thereby making  most of their tea gardens barren and non- productive. The Nilgiris Small Tea Growers are in severe distress and direction–less now. 
More over, many Small Tea Growers had already left /sold their tea gardens and migrated to other places in search of their livelihoods. It should not be followed by the remaining Nilgiris Small Tea Growers. Hence, we request Tea Board to intervene in this matter immediately and help The Nilgiris Small Tea Growers for their Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth through their small holding Tea gardens. 
Hence, we kindly request you to look into this, and sanction appropriate crop compensations to the Nilgiris Small Tea Growers on war footing basis and save Nilgiris Tea Economy for its Sustainability. 


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