A book to ‘Learn Badaga in 30 days’

Yogesh Raj of Kadasolai, who has invented a script for Badugu/Badaga language, after nearly fifty years of hardwork, with lot of passion and a single minded dedication, has brought out an excellent book, ” Learn Badugu in 30 days ” (with English). In this book, he has also explained about how to learn and write in the Badaga Script he has invented.  Yogesh prefers to say Badugu rather than Badaga

Divided into six Parts, this book contains 162 pages.

Part I explains about the how to write Badugu alphabets, vowels, consonants etc

Part II deals with Words, Nouns, verbs etc and names of seasons, months, fruits, animals etc

Part III contains words related to offices etc and basic Grammar – Let us learn Grammar

Part IV deals with various day to day conversations in offices, market as well as Grammar -2.

Part V has more Grammar lessons and long sentences

Part VI is on letter writing (in Badugu)

The book also contains about 500 Badaga words with English equivalents, a sort of dictionary at the end.

This book meets the urgent and important need of a script for the Unique Badaga language.

Recently Yogesh had taken a delegation to celebrate International Mother (Tongue) Language Day with a demand to include about 40 languages  in the 8th Schedule of our Constitution. Many activists, spread across the country of many languages like BADAGA, Bhojpuri, Kosali, Rajasthani, Kodava, Magahi, Angika etc. The programme was organised by Campaign for Language Equality and Rights (CLEAR), a pan India Organisation representing language activists. 

 This book “Learn Badugu in 30 days” is available in some select book stores/shops in Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri. Price Rs.105. Pages 162.

Published by Bukka Malla Publications, Veerapandi, Coimbatore- 19

Contact : Yogesh R (yogeshr23@gmail.com – 8903471808)


We are happy to make this book available to all friends and visitors to this website at a special price of Rs.80/-

( Courier/postal charges extra where applicable).

Contact :

bjaypee@gmail.com or send sms to 8637677373

Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash –



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