How to take care of ourselves, in these Corona Virus days!

Let us buildup our immune system

This pandemic Covid -19 (Corona Virus), a gift to mankind by the Chinese, is once in  a life time disease that affects all of us. In this respect while a cure, (vaccine)  will be found sooner than later, what interests me is a few preventive or precautionary steps that may not only help us to to be prepared to face not only this deadly virus but also to build up immune system in our body, as advised by the men of medicine.

  1. Intake of Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric.
    (pix – Grover – from the net)

    Take a piece of raw Ginger and couple of pods of Garlic along with your breakfast. Take half to one tea spoon of turmeric powder along with a glass of water or tea/coffee everyday.

  2. Vitamin D – Just spend  fifteen to thirty minutes in the morning sun to get this vitamin every day. Available in abundance and free.
  3. Vitamin C – Citrus fruits like Lime Juice, Oranges
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    And of course, Exercise – Walk, Jog , gym – anything.


One response to “How to take care of ourselves, in these Corona Virus days!

  1. Good Morning JP. Valuabe tips given by you to build up the immune system in our body. The items mentioned are easily available and not very expensive also. So people should take care. Good health is the need of the hour. Prevention is better than cure is the order of the day. Let us stay healthy and be safe. Covid 19 has taught us a life time lesson. Mysterious present and unpredictable future.

    Hello Rajma, nice to hear from you after such a long time. Please keep in touch


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