Let Us Save Ourselves – Nangava Nanga Kaappo

Let Us Save Ourselves – Nangava Nanga Kaappo

We are aware that Corona Virus – Covid 19, is a deadly disease that can kill people if proper precautions are not taken. Like wearing face mask or keeping social distancing and, put ourselves in self quarantine when warranted.

But unfortunately, in our Badaga Hattis, with the houses being in rows or in close proximity to each other, we seem to be very casual about taking care of ourselves and the community as the spike in Corana positive cases in the hattis indicate.

The main reason is, we still mingle with others freely and follow the traditional customs of inviting many people for weddings or more importantly, follow the rites in our funerals, in which we express our sorrow and grief with close contact with each other (Mandai Koottodhu) or sitting around the cot where the body of the deceased is kept, as if these are normal days. No masks, no social distancing. we forget that this disease can spread fast and can kill us.

We have to modify these customs/traditions/rites to suit the present difficult days to save our LIVES. As well as save our near and dear ones.

If we do not take care about our own lives, nobody else can.

I find the following video ( Bandara, aaley bara) of Kallakorai Sanjeev, very timely and useful. A must watch video


(PS; Watched the ‘live’ interview of the Nilgiris Collector with Ramakrishna on Nakkubetta TV yesterday (14Jul2020) in which she clearly cautions the people in hattis that punitive measures like imprisonment will be taken if precautions are not followed, and the hatti Gowdas or committee members would be held responsible. Let us wake up atleast now)


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