Badugu Place Names Deciphered

Received an interesting email from Anand Raju about whom I had written about as one of the creators of Badaga script in the post (

Dear Anna,
Badugu Place Names hitherto posed a difficulty for interpretation. I have made an attempt to decipher them in this video.

This video gives you fascinating insights into the topography of the Nilgiris.

Place names speak of the long history of the Badugas, a flourishing tribe and one of the indigenous peoples of the Nilgiris.

My object in producing this video is to revive and promote the Badugu language, one of the oldest of the Dravidian languages.

This is a must for every Baduga who wishes to learn the Badugu language afresh.

YouTube Link:
This is a must for every Baduga who wishes to learn the Badugu language afresh. 
I wish every Baduga subscribed to this channel.

Warm Regards,
R. Anandhan

Very interesting and educative information, Anand. The Badaga ‘name’ you have for ‘video’ is also very appropriate. Congratulations and please keep it up. Looking forward to your follow-up videos on the origin of Badaga hatti names. – Wg.Cdr. JP


One response to “Badugu Place Names Deciphered

  1. Really interesting to know about our Hatti names and all are unique and unrepeated and that’s the beauty of our elders in naming their place of living.


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