Election Time…

Very soon we will be having elections in our state, Tamil Nadu. On April 6th, to be precise.

Of late, Badagas have shown a marked interest in politics. In fact, they have shown interest in many political parties, mainly in BJP, Congress, AIADMK and DMK. Now , even in MNM and surprisingly Naam Tamizhar Katchi also.

The party tickets were given to recognised local leaders to contest in the elections. Then they were known as General Elections that came once in five years and for both Centre (Parliament) and state assemblies. In olden days, in the first half of 19th century, the great leader Ari Gowder chose to contest elections as an independent since he felt that he could serve all the people much better without any restraints that would come of any particular party that had its own policies. It is a well known fact that when Rajaji was the CM of Tamil Nadu, he wanted to make Ari Gowder a minister but Ari Gowder refused since he had to join Congress party.

Those days political parties were also comparatively less corrupt and there were many tall political leaders. Many Badagas were elected as MPs, the notable one being when Mrs. Akkamma Devi, the first Badaga woman graduate, won the parliamentary elections in 1962 and became the first and so far only woman MP from the Nilgiris. Unfortunately this MP constituency has became reserved for SC & ST and Badagas cannot contest.

Now, in this elections 0f 2021 for the TN assembly, the contests for Ooty and Coonoor constituencies have become fierce between AIADMK with its ally BJP and DMK with its ally Congress.

Though likely to be very close, it appears that BJP in Ooty and AIADMK in Coonoor may come out successful.

May the best man win!


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