You make us Proud, Dr.J Krishnan

Badagas have been living around the world for quite some time now.

And some of them have reached commanding heights in their respective fields and profession. Some have come to occupy higher positions in the land of choice and living.

One such person is Dr. Jagdhish Krishnan , from Dhimbatty, Kotagiri. He was elected to the Forty-First Parliament for Riverton, Western Australia on 13 March 2021.

Dr. Jags Krishnan

He made an excellent maiden speech where he spoke a few words in Badaga and Tamil.


WE made a request to Dr. J. Krishnan to send details about his family and the great journey he has taken to reach his present position and received the following reply.

Thank you Sir and Mr. Mark Fahey

Dear Dr. J Krishnan,

Hearty congratulations for being the First MP in Australia from TN, India. I heard your excellent maiden speech in the Parliament and it made us very proud. Very nice to hear both Badaga and Tamizh in your speech.

I want to write an article about you and hence request you to kindly send me details about your family and the great journey you have had to reach this position. The details will also figure in the page  “First Badaga”. It should be a great inspiration to other Indians in general and Badagas in particular. Please send some photos also.

I will greatly appreciate for an early reply from you.
With warm regards,
Wg Cdr Bellie Jayaprakash (JP)

Dear Wing Commander Jayaprakash,

Thank you for your very kind words. Jags has been humbled to receive correspondence from all around the world, including esteemed people such as yourself, and he’s been overawed with the feedback. Your message brought a smile to his face when I passed it on.

Your website is very impressive! Thank you for posting a video of Jags giving his maiden speech. I will endeavour to get more details from Jags on his family history and should be able to supply you with some idea of my winding path to WA Parliament. I will try and get this to you as soon as possible.

Thanks very much again for your message. It means a lot.

Kindest regards,

Mark Fahey

Research Officer for Dr Jags Krishnan MLA, WA Labor Member for Riverton

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One response to “You make us Proud, Dr.J Krishnan

  1. Really proud of u and then Inspire 👍 of Badaga Community in the World


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