Badugu Place Names Deciphered

Anandhan Raju

R Anandhan has been doing research on Badaga hatti (village names) for the past thirty years. He has also developed a Badaga/Badagu script.

He has written and published a book entitled Badugu Place Names Deciphered. I have known Anandhan and marvelled at the depth of his knowledge on Badaga.

Badugu Place Names Deciphered is a groundbreaking piece of research into the true origin of words referring to place names in Baḍugu, especially those of Baḍuga hamlets and villages and places around them is quite interesting. It has both linguistic and historical significance. The place names bear ample evidence to the fact that Baḍugu is a primitive Draviḍian language spoken by a primitive Draviḍian tribe called Baḍuga of Nīlagiri (the Nilgiris).

An extract from the book

Priced at Rs.240/- This book is available from

Notion Press Bookstore




2 responses to “Badugu Place Names Deciphered

  1. Congratulations Dear Anand. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY. No doubt this book will be a great treasure for the coming up generation and they really feel Proud to be a Baduga. Regards
    (Eagerly waiting for Amazon to deliver the book)


  2. Extremely Happy after knowing the book you discussed has been released or sold through Amazon and eagerly waiting to read the book. It will be a great treasure for the upcoming generation and they will feel ” Proud to be Badaga” after reading this and also they regain their Mother Earth feeling.


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