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Topic:  Praying to Hethai Amma

I have no criticism on any religion or praying methods. Th only aim I think is to merge with our soul creator. So, I learnt a few techniques that would lead to the attainment of realization, healing and Samadhi if followed with discipline.

When I see we say we follow Hindu culture, however, our community is completely lacking in the growth in these areas except for the stories of Hethai Amma Eera Masi, who I was told vanished into the space when she found Iyya as a spirit after he was dead.

I am not sure how far my understanding of the story is true, because I have heard many versions of this stories from many people. So, I believe, she existed and was a great being. We have taken principles of her life to be followed in our life as well.

But end of the day, we need to reach a point which will lead us to eternity, and methods that can lead us to our creator. Do we have any such methods of prayers?

Even though Hethai Amma is a  mother goddess (we believe so), we don’t allow women who try keeping the house clean over the Hethai Amman festival time to enter the temple. why are all these still in place.

If we understand the true value soul and the purpose of it, we shouldn’t have such practices, but strive towards one goal, because soul is always in its purest form. It is the intention of any person that needs to be pure when they pray, and not based on any division on color, sex, caste or creed.

Does our prayer practice have any such development helps? Kindly let me know if you have any pointers.

If not, don’t you too feel there is something we lack and its time for us to learn. Since we don’t have such learnings, many are changing converting their religion where their souls are motivated. nothing to blame, but every time soul is in search to reach Shiva.  So, how to teach such things to all?


N. SENTHIL [Baralatty] –
Songs are nice
A feeling
SIVAKUMAR.B (Ex-Havildar and presently serving as Sub Post Master of Chamraj Estate Post Office), Muckimalai Village, 9655761571 []
Sir, While observing present prevailing scenario, the politics cannot be out of YBA. I think it is better to disband the existing YBA and people like you can start new Badaga Association and I will be proud to be a new member of that Association.
A comment
N Bellie (LIC) [ ]
It is a great Pleasure to my Father’s (M K Nanja Gowder) and my Grand Father’s (M Kala Gowder)efforts to bring the “Karu harusuvathu”, is being published in your Website, enable most of our people know about it. I thank Wg Cdr Jayaprakash Bellie for it.
And one more edition of Karu Harusuvathu in the form of DVD, brought by my Cousin Mr Ashok Gandhi , S/o Sri M Ajja Gowder, then Maniyagar of Ketti Village, with the full description of Karu Harusuvathu by Poojyasree Manu Swamy(Yellanalli Samy)
A feeling
K S Iyer []
I love Badagas from my inner heart. I studied in school days with Badgas in the Nilgiri valley . I like Badga family ritutal and ring dances. They are very simple and laborious. The traditional songs are very melodious, with full of energetic rhythm. The girls are intelligent and beautiful.
A thought
Sureshkumar []
I like Baduga songs
A feeling
Sengamalam [] Badaga , the innocent soul Badaga, the village joy Badaga, the sweet raga Badaga, the NA2 Badaga, the badaga dance Badaga, the best of all……
A thought
BABU.M [] 1.MORAY should be liberal to some extend. 2.STRONG & GOOD DEDICATED Leader is to be found. 3.All are BADUGAS nobody should be separated. BADUGU KALACHARA THALAIVARU (like DALAI LAMA) is to be found.


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