Proud of you, Rajarishi of Keya Kundey

Rajarishi Devarajan is Grand Son of Erstwhile Nilgiri Teacher’s Guild President – Late, Retired High School HM – JB Mathan (aka JBM). and Son of M. Devarajan ( Kil Kundah Village) and Nalini (Kotagiri)

Through All India Engineering Entrance Exam he entered NIT Trichy to do B-Tech in ECE -. After working at LG Electronics -Banglore with Short stint in South Korea on deputation – he resigned his Job to give GRE & TOEFL Exam and Scored 323 / 340 marks..

Subsequently he joined Heidelberg University Germany for his Masters.

He did his thesis in wireless Technology, for Sony Europe and his work was recognized by Sony Europe for filing patent rights.

In 2021 the patent is accepted for evaluation and subsequenty approved.

It is quite possible that he is the youngest Badaga to get Patent in Europe for Wireless Technology..

Rajarishi Devarajan is also known as Joghee in memory of his Great Grand Father, Pokka Joghee Ayya a person known for his honesty and local judgements. Rajarishi is a guitarist also.



One response to “Proud of you, Rajarishi of Keya Kundey

  1. Wow. Really feel very proud of you Mr. Rajarishi


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