Let us welcome ‘them’

Kavitha Dineshkumar [Chennai] writes :- “I love Badaga community but I’m not a Badaga. My ganda (husband) is a Badaga. I am very proud to join this community. I will do something good for our community. Be proud of Badagas”.

Kavitha, we welcome your sentiments and hope, you are accepted into Badaga community with all joy and happiness. Though, there is some resistance among a section of Badagas for marriages from outside the community, personally, I feel after marriage the girl, if willing, should be accepted into community without any reservation. When I say, [the girl] willing, I mean, the girl should be prepared to accept all  the customs and traditions of Badagas and be a good ‘sosay’ [daughter in law]. As mlle.Sumathi Halan mentioned somewhere else, ‘Let us accept that the society is changing and for us [Badagas] to progress, we have to be part of that change’  – Wg Cdr JP

One response to “Let us welcome ‘them’

  1. I am from Bangalore. I am a non Badaga girl. I have a couple of Badaga friends, have heard a lot about your community from them. This site is really wonderful. Your love for your community and the time that you have dedicated to put together so much information on this site is very commendable. All the very best.

    Thank you VN.When a non Badaga appreciates my website, I feel very happy and satisfied. Thanks once again – Wg Cdr JP


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