Updates – 2

I know that a lot of posts need updating, or…. rather, more material and info need to be added.

Here is more pictures of Badaga Jewellery from my wife’s collection who went hunting for original Badaga Bangara in Ooty and Kotagiri recently.

The surprise is that you can get Badaga Jewellery with some exclusive designers in Bangalore, also [made to order].

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Kivi Chinna -Ear Ring worn by men
Kivi Chinna -Ear Ring worn by men
Mookkuthi – Nose Ring
Chinna -ear rings
Kadaga -Bangle
Designs on the Bangles

Bae – Silver


3 responses to “Updates – 2

  1. Great Website! Keep it up. All the best.


  2. Thanks for posting these photoes. this will be helpful for our future generations to know about our badaga culture. I request you to open a badaga gallery in main pLace (Ooty).

    Hope to do it one day – Wg Cdr JP


  3. Ravi Belliraj

    Memorable n beautiful collection. Thanks Mrs. & Mr. BJP


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