Crossed the 100,000 visitors mark on 8-3-2010

A hundred thousand thanks !
Any event in our life is generally valued in terms of numbers. First birthday, tenth year, Silver (25) / golden (50) / platinum (75) Jubilees, a century in cricket, thousand pillars in a temple, Lachathipathi (a lac) etc etc.
Similarly, to a website, the importance or rather the encouragement is in terms of the number of visitors to that site. In that sense, the number, a hundred thousand, 100,000 is very significant. To achieve that land mark for a website that focuses on a small tribal community with great traditions, confined within the four geographical boundaries called ‘Seemay/ Naadu’ in the beautiful blue mountains [the Nilgiris], also known as  ‘four’ mountains [Naakku Betta] in Badaga, is a matter of great pride and honour.
A few years back, when you were craving for a website on or about Badaga, the only one was USA based Rabin’s . The website made me wonder why not start a website or rather a blog on, of and about the Badagas of the Blue Mountains. To give more info on Badaga, the language and people.
What started as a hobby and urge to give accurate, authentic and unknown information as a ‘pay back’ to the community I belong to and be proud of, has grown into an ambition and obsession. The more I dig into our history, origin, customs, culture, language and traditions the more is the motivation and the determination to give gleamed information to the youth of the community in particular and to the public in general.
Needless to say the journey is one heck of an unknown but highly interesting and satisfying one. The motivation and encouragement comes from the constant stream of comments that I receive every day.
More than anything else, the ‘nasha’ comes when I look at the number of visitors. More than a hundred visitors for so many days, months and years! Simply AMAZING !! There must be something right and interesting in what appears in my website or rather, my weblog if I can boast of a hundred thousand visitors, nay honourable guests and friends so far. Special thanks to for being the original trigger of the ambition that has been largely fulfilled.
All I can say, with hands folded and head bowed, THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart.
Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash

2 responses to “Crossed the 100,000 visitors mark on 8-3-2010

  1. Balasubramanian K B (Kukkal Village)

    Thanks for your wonderful work towards our community and culture. Wealth of information regularly added in your site. Our community will remember your service for ever.


  2. mlle_sumathi


    You have chosen the road less traveled and paved the way for all the youngsters .
    Now it is easy for the genx to build and evolve on this knowledge repository.
    It is yet again a MILESTONE for our community given the fact of the small size of our community in comparison .

    This website is a source of solace for all those souls living far away from the blue hills , whenever i feel down i just visit this place and feel energised. It is a habit that whenever i am online i make it a point to visit this place sort of a custom..

    At this point , we must salute your efforts to have reached this peak and for your journey onwards , it is pure PASSION which must have given you this energy . We take this opportunity to thank Mrs. JP without whose support you could have lost motivation somewhere .

    Bonne chance for the next milestone !!!!


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