Dr Guna Magesan JP

Sendil Halan has sent this info

The publishers of “The Indian” magazine, based in Hong Kong, have identified 100 people out of this vast population and released the second edition of a book entitled “100 Global Indians” which has three sections: The Leading Luminaries (30), The Entrepreneurs (40) and The Achievers (30).

The criteria used to identify the “100 Global Indians” were based on a set of objectives not overwhelmingly dependent on success in the business world alone

Dr Guna Magesan JP, a senior scientist with Scion (Crown Research Institute) in Rotorua received a copy of this book recently and was very much surprised to see his name included in the list of achievers. He had been pinpointed for his outstanding contribution to the community.
Some of the other achievers included were: Amartya Sen (1998 Noble Prize winner for Economics), The Hon. Sir Anand Satyanand (Governor-General of New Zealand), Bobby Jindal (Governor of Louisiana), Dr Deepak Chopra (prolific writer of New Age books), Jhumpa Lahiri (the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction), M. Night Shyamalan (Hollywood Filmmaker), Sonal Shah (American Economist & Advisor to Barrack Obama), Sunita Williams (Astronaut), and Dr Thomas Abraham (ex Chairman of Global Organisation of Person of Indian Origin – GOPIO).
Dr Magesan is one of only a handful of non-political personalities included in the list. It is indeed an achievement for Dr Magesan, who was born  in Melur Hosatty.
Dr.Guna Magesan came to New Zealand about 20 years ago for his PhD degree at Massey University. After completion, he worked for three Crown Research Institutes at different times in Palmerston North, Hamilton and Rotorua.


And as per Sashikumar N.C ‘s wish, Dr.Guna Mageshan has been added to ‘First Badaga’ list


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