The [picturesque] Nilgiris

‘Wow, the Nilgiris’

Here are some pix taken by me

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The surreal

Photos by Wg Cdr Bellie Jayaprakash
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Mudumalai Forest


Today is a clear day with bright sunlight in the hills. The hills, I am referring to is the Nilgiris, my native place. Every time I drive ‘into’ the hills, either from Mysore via Bandipur and Kallatti Ghats or from Mettupalayam via Kotagiri Aravenu and Haakeri or from Karamadai via Mulli and Geddai [Kundah], my heart is filled with happiness and joy. Such beauty is bestowed on these blue hills by the Almighty. Probably, the Nature wants to show off or should I say, show case its glorious exterior in a truly grand fashion.

Read the full ‘story’ here  The Nilgiris – Neela [Blue] Giris [Hills] – literally ‘The blue mountains’ is popularly known to Badagas as ‘Naakku Betta’ –


One response to “The [picturesque] Nilgiris

  1. Hello Commander,

    Thanks for featuring me in your blog, yes we are gifted to have born in the Nilgiris – having said that the scenario that is cut out now is quiet different even as the native are moving out of Nilgiris, in pursuit of wealth which cannot be equated to the self sustained living that glorified the natives of Nilgiris.


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