One of the real pleasures of having this website  is the unexpected but highly interesting letters received from visitors. If that letter happens to be from a non Badaga [of 16 yrs of age studying in the 12th standard]  appreciating our language and Hethay, joy knows no bounds.

He feels that it is due to Hethay that he has come in contact with Badaga. He says his only entertainment is listening to Badaga songs.

And the most wonderful thing is that Vignessh, the author of the letter, wants to serve Badagas by qualifying as a doctor

Surely it makes our day.

A Wonderful letter  from Vignessh.A [16yrs]

Hai JP Uncle,

Ningaga enna namaskara ….naa ondhu badaga illay, aana enaga ninga basheya maathu adodhgau apaara ishta. Ninga website-una nodithey, enaga apaara santosha

I’ve never been to the Nilgiris butI really love the Badaga culture, customs, language, songs ,dance and habba, especially “HETHAI AMMA”. I have read Hethai history fully. I have developed a strong faith in Hethai .

I feel  my hairs standing on hearing the bugiri sound in videos on the net. I was having all these in my heart and I could not express them to any one, then atlast I found you [website].

I hope to serve the Badagas by any means. Incidentally, I dream of becoming a doctor and serve the Badaga hattis and I’m studying hard to achieve this dream.

My only entertainment is listening to Badaga songs.

enna history ya nodinadhugaa apaara nanri…

I wish to have Hethe’s showers of blessings to be with me all the time.

Thank you very much, now my heart feels light and it might become lighter on seeing your reply..

Awaiting your reply………………your’s.. Vignessh.A

Dear Vignessh Venky,

What a pleasure to get and read your email. Extremely happy to know that you are able to understand Badaga.

And my great appreciation and thanks for the sentiments expressed.

I am sure Hethai Amma’s blessings are, surely and always, with you.

Yours is one of the ‘sweetest’ letters I have received and thank you once again.

Hethaya Haracha ninaga endhendhu hadadhay.

JP Uncle

Letter from Dr.B.S.Krishnamoorthy

Gavadha JP Sir Avakaga,

Really great effort to save each and every piece of the greatness of our community.

While surfing I found the following article published in a well known journal, Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 92, No. 2 (Apr. – Jun., 1972), pp. 276-279 (article consists of 4 pages)

“Nouns of the Badaga Language”  by S. Agesthialingom © 1972 American Oriental Society.

May God bless you with full of strength and freshness to continue this great work.


Dr. Bellie Sundaram Krishnamoorthy

JP adds : Thank  you Dr.BSK for your kind words. In the above quoted article, S. Agesthialingom says, “Badaga, one of the South Dravidian Languages is spoken in the Nilgiri District of Tamilnadu,… there are many distinct features (in Badaga) which may lead one to claim it as a separate language ….[http://www.jstor.org/pss/600655]”


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  1. your article is so good…I have a doubt..will you pls clear this?

    Why not? But what is your doubt? – Wg Cdr JP


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