Deepak Shanmugam, 15yrs old, writes….

Hello Uncle,

I am a 15 years old guy . My father’s name is N.SHANMUGAM [ARMY] and my mother’s name is S.CHITRAMALA . We belong to Nanjanad village . Tell you what, I AM REALLY PROUD TO  B E A BADAGA…..

….I am studying in 10th in ARMY SCHOOL AHMEDNAGAR, MAHARASHTRA. My father is posted here only .
Uncle, I want to tell you some thing very interesting, actually your site was the first site I opened on my newly bought laptop with wireless broadband connection. And you know, the first thing I typed in google search engine was BADAGA and after that I got your site.
I was extremely happy after reading about us . I got the information that even my parents don’t know.

Uncle I want to know more about you .

Hello Deepak, so sweet of you to send this info. I am thrilled. I am sending you a separate email telling about me. With love and happy surfing – JP Uncle


2 responses to “Deepak Shanmugam, 15yrs old, writes….

  1. I am very happy to see such a web site for Badaga… Im blessed to be born as Badaga… Spread Badaga worldwide… Love our nation… Love our culture…


  2. prem baba (Thumboor Village)

    I am very lucky and also proud to be a badaga…… doing my aeronautical engineering in bannari amman institute of technology….”ETTHAI AMMAN THUNAI”…


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