Face the ‘light’ and do not be afraid.

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BABU [luhar.07@gmail.com] Just had a glimpse of the site and its really wonderful and amazing that we have an identity in the e-world which is remarkable .. I just went through some of the burning issues and all were genuinely right .. but I feel there is also a concern to be raised when it comes to justice disparity between the rich and the poor in hatti gatherings .. most of the time the decision is based on the status … the problem here I would like to emphasis is people of our community are too good in knowing what is good and bad but they dont have the courage to go against a wrong decision at many hatti gatherings … its totally dominated by a finger counted so called big people namely hatti gowda, his relatives and friends .. there are lot of examples i could qoute bt people should understand this … PLS BE COURAGE ENOUGH TO FIGHT INJUSTICE …THINK BROAD AND HELP FELLOW PEOPLE WITHOUT SENSE OF JEALOUSY …

Thanks for the comments and I am 100% in agreement with you.

These comments remind me of our docile [anjuguLigu] nature and general tendency to run away from realities instead of being bold and face the truth.

The undisputed Nakku Betta leader Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder, when he was an independent MLA in 1940s and 50s, had an appointment with the then Chief Mininster of Madras State Rajaji. But when the CM did not turn up, Ari Gowder informed the PA and walked out. The great Rajaji personally apologised to Ari Gowder followed with a letter. Incidentally, the present CM was a Junior in those days of Justice Party in which Ari Gowder was a leader along with Periyar.

Ari Gowder used to urge our people that we should not be like ‘hebbathays’ (Cockroaches) which run away when they see light and hide in darkness.

One of the recent incidents, that when Lawyer Bobbli from Chennai was elected as the President of Badaga Associations, there was strong objection from a powerful politician and his supporters who wanted the elections annulled and I am not sure what is the latest position.

Unless we, the ‘ahm’ people change our mind set that ‘might is always right’, we cannot call ourselves as ‘developed people – JP


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