From the heart

J. RAJENDRAN  (KALLAKORAI), Indian Air Force writes :

Sir, I wont say its a great job,its above all that. Yes, after reading our origin and history I started giving lecture to all my family members including elders and even aged. Sir, since my childhood I tried to know our history and origin but today (05 SEP 2010), yeah, of course, I discovered me and myself,this is because of the only one that’s JP.

Hello Rajendran, first of all I am so happy to receive such a kind letter (from the heart) from a youngster that too from Indian Air Force. As I have often mentioned, if young Badagas have ‘discovered’ themselves by knowing our origin, customs and culture by going through my website, then I have truly achieved something. Feel very happy and as always humbled.- JP


One response to “From the heart

  1. I love my badaga…


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